We are committed to finding the most environmentally efficient waste management, recycling methods and educational offerings for our clients.

Our company recognises that compliance with environmental legislation is a shared responsibility which requires the cooperation of all people in the workplace, including consultants and suppliers.

Following are actions which are fundamental to Synergy Waste System and we are constantly striving to improve them.

  • Effective communication between clients, consultants and staff in relation to environmental issues.
  • Working closely with clients to identify environmental efficiencies that need to be addressed as a part of the project specifications, construction strategies and strategic plans for civil works.
  • Ongoing identification, assessment and control of workplace environmental risks.
  • Active training of staff in environmental issues, and the development of a response team/action methodology to address emergencies.
  • The identification of dangerous goods and the provision of material safety data sheets (MSDS) for easy reference at the point of storage and transportation of dangerous goods/waste.
  • Internal reviews of the system to identify potential issues and identify strategies for rectification and continuous improvement.
  • Policy and procedures for the segregation of waste for recycling and the management of the system.
  • Environmental objectives are established and processes put in place to measure them, revising targets as operational experience dictates changes.
  • Management seeks to continuously improve the environmental management system and identify positive aspects which may be applied to client projects.
  • Documentation is created, referenced and controlled according to the quality system processes.
  • SWS monitor environmental legislation to make sure that its system complies with its requirements.
  • Management and staff are committed to the segregation, recycling and disposal of waste generated at project sites.
  • SWS have developed an environmental management system that is compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001-2004 and associated legislation.
  • SWS management endorses strategies for the reduction of pollution.